11th International Conference on Marine Technology (MARTEC 2018)

The information and papers submitted into the conference are available as in follow:

Program Book
Full MARTEC 2018 Proceeding


Offshore Engineering

Study on Polyester Mooring Material for Deep Water Offshore Structure (Download)Nur Aireen Amran, J.Koto, C.L. Siow
Numerical Simulation on the Effect of Mooring Arrangement to the Cylindrical FPSO’s Station Keeping Behavior (Download)Siow Chee Loon, Muhammad Syahriel Afif Bin Rasdi, J.Koto, Adibah Fatihah Mohd Yusof, Kang Hooi Siang, Lee Kee Quen
Mooring Line Damping Estimation on WEC – A Review (Download)Adibah Fatihah Mohd Yusof, J.Koto, C.L. Siow
Experimental Study on Vortex Induced Vibration of Short Rigid Cylinder with Different Spring (Download)Shafiza Binti Ramzi, Lee Kee Quen, Aminudin Bin Abu, Kang Hooi Siang, Nor’Azizi Bin Othman
Vortex Induced Vibration on Cold Water Pipe of OTEC (Download)Muhammad Zaki Prawira, J.Koto
Present Condition Of Existing Single Point Mooring In Indonesia Waterways In View Of BKI (Download)Muhammad Irfan, Defi Rizki Mauliani, and Muhdar Tasrief

Ship Safety and Environmental Protection

Title Authors 
A Study on Ship Scrapping Regarding Safety, Health, Environment &
Economy of Bangladesh (Download)
Khabirul Haque Chowdhury , Nafiz Imtiaz ,Sujon Hawlader
An Assessment of Marine Pollution by The Operation of Inland Vessels In Bangladesh (Download)N.M.Golam Zakaria, Sumon Mondol Opu and Badhon Das
Environmental Pollution in Bangladesh By Inland Passenger Vessel
Operation (Download)
Kaosar Rashid, Dr N.M. Golam Zakaria, Imran Khaled
Study on The Hit Probability of Freely Falling Cylindrical Objects Onto
The Pipeline At Seabed 
Xiaochuan Yu, Adelina Steven, Linxiong Li, Zhixin Xiong and Hooi-Siang
Scilab-Based Reliability Analysis Of 5-Storey Offshore Jacket Structure
Using Monte Carlo Finite Element Method (Download)
Agro Wisudawan and D. Mohammad Rosyid
Risk Assessment of Marine Accident in Tanjung Pelepas Port Limit Due To Reclamation of Tanjung Piai Maritime Industrial Park (Download)A.S.A.Kader & A.N.D.Bachok, W.N.W. Shamsuri

Ship Design

Experimental and Numerical Studies of Hard-Chine Crew-Boat Resistance with Variation of Stern Foil Position in The Longitudinal Direction (Download)Soegeng Riyadi and Ketut Suastika
Dissemblance of Ship Scantlings from Design in Bangladesh: Causes & Effects (Download)S M Ikhtiar Mahmud, Nafisha Nubayaatt Haq and Md. Ramzan Hossain
Development of Suitable Design for Fishery Research Vessel for The Contribution to The Blue Economy of Bangladesh (Download)Nafisha Nubayaatt Haq, M Muzibur Rahman and M Munir Hassan
Systems Engineering for Ship Concept Design (Download)Jauhari T. Khairuddin, A. Maimun and Siow C. L., Anuar Abu Bakar
Probabilistic Approach In Marine Structure Strength Assessment (DownloadMuhammad A. Azizan, E. Oterkus, Mohd F. Abdulhamid and A. Incecik
Preliminary Design An Offshore Wind System For Malaysia (Download)Oscar Peyre, Farah Ellyza Hashim, Omar Yaakob

Ocean Renewable Energy

Hybrid Renewable Energy Device – Low Speed Current Turbine and Solar Cell (Download)Atef Salem M. Soufaljen , Adi Maimun and Muzakkir
A Preliminary Review of The Potential Area to Deploy Wave Energy Converter in Kuala Terengganu Shoreline (Download)S.M Mahmud , W.B Wan Nik , A. Abu Bakar
Design, Development and Experimentation of Compliant Offshore Mechanical Wave Energy Convertor (Download)Srinivasan Chandrasekaran , VVS Sricharan , Shimon Joseph, Nagavinothini.R
Effect of Tip Groove on Biplane Wells Turbine (Download)Tapas K. Das, Abdus Samad
Numerical Investigation Of Wave Energy Of Saint Martin Region Of Bangladesh (Download)Mohua Das, Tariqul Islam Shazeeb and Dr. M Rafiqul Islam
Modelling On Numerical Wave Tank For Application Of OWC Simulation (Download)Ahmad Mustaqim Abdul Rahim, Omar Yaakob

Ship Safety and Environmental Protection

Port Marine Safety Assessment Case Study on The Indonesian Ports (Download)Sunaryo, and Yusuf Muhammad Ramdhan
An Overview Of Present Status Of Inland Vessels In Bangladesh Based On Formulated Energy Efficiency Design Index (Download)N.M.Golam Zakaria, Sohanur Rahman
An Investigation of Collision Accidents in the Inland Waterways of Bangladesh (Download)Md. Imran Uddin and Zobair Ibn Awal
Determination of Capacity of Emergency Source of Electrical Power (ESEP) for Restricted Service Ships, Study case on ships operated in Indonesian waters (Download)Angjuang Adi Panji Pratama, Muhdar Tasrief and Rizky Prasetya Ade Nugraha
Study of Fuel Efficiency on Tug bosts with use of flowmeter Web based
monitoring AD Contrik System P.T.X (Download)
Danny Faturachman
Study On Signal Blocking System To Prevent Over Loaded Passenger Vessel Engine From Starting To Ensure Maximum Safety (Download)Hironmoy Ahmad

Ship Structure

Comparison Study of Braced Monopod Dan Tripod Jacket Offshore Platforms (Download)Ricky L. Tawekal, Julio De Velas, Jessica R. Tawekal, Paramashanti
The Effect of SPMT on The Offshore Structure Whilst Loading The Barge (Download)Muhamad Ridho Baihaque, J.Koto
Comparison of Various Spectral Models For 100-Year Extreme Values of Offshore Structural Response (Download)S.Z.A. Syed Ahmad, M.K. Abu Husain, N.I. Mohd Zaki M.H. Mohd and G. Najafian
The Design and Structural Analysis of a Non-Sinkable Surveillance Vessel for The Forest Department of Bangladesh (Download)S M Ikhtiar Mahmud and Nafisha Nubayaatt Haq
Effect of Hot and Cold Rolling on Electro-Mechanical Properties of Commercial High-Conductive Metallic Materials (Download)M Muzibur Rahman, M Abu Sufian , Rehgir Al Shahid, M S Kaiser, S Reaz Ahmed


Reliability & Safety

Fatigue Life Assessment of Defected Welded Joints in Marine Grade Steel Materials (Download)S. M. Ikhtiar Mahmud , Kazi Rafi Rahaman , Md Shehjad Rifat and Umme Saima
Assessment of Collision & Grounding Risk at Chittagong Port, Bangladesh (Download)Mohammad Ehsan Khaled , Yasumi Kawamura, Arnob Banik, Mohammad Sayem Bin Abdullah and Mohammad Riad Khan
Reliability Information to Support Decision Making for Ship Design (Download)Faiz Mohd Turan, Kartina Johan and Daniel Osezua Aikhuele
Sustainability Competency Assessment in Marine Industry (Download)N. Soliha Sahimi, Faiz Turan and Kartina Johan

Port, Maritime Regulation and Policies

An Investigation Of Collision Accidents In The Inland Waterways Of Bangladesh (Download)Md. Imran Uddin and Zobair Ibn Awal
Sustainability Competency Profiling (SCP) For Malaysia Sme Marine Industry Using Delphi And Fuzzy AHP-Topsis Approach (Download)Nur Qurratul Ain Adanan, Faiz Mohd Turan, Kartina Johan and Wan Nur Syahirah Wan Lanang
Strategic Plan 2025 For Port of Tanjung Pelepas In Conjunction with The Development of Iskandar Malaysia (Download)Muhammad Firdaus Md Amin, Mogheshwar Gokul Rajasekaran, Mohamad Firzuan Raffy, Muhammad Ridho Baihaque, Muhammad Zaki Prawira, Salaamin Amineen Nur Zakri

Ship Construction and Operation

The Changing of Ship Parameters During Operation (Download)Wolter R Hetharia, Andre HAGE And Philippe RIGO
Proposed Viable Ship Recycling Process For South East Asian Recycling Yards Especially For Bangladesh (Download)Khandakar Akhter Hossain and N. M. Golam Zakaria
Design of Software for Calculation and Analysis Engine Propeller Matching (Download)Habibi and Santoso Pudji

Slamming, Sloshing, Maneuvering

Ship Maneuvering and Intelligent Control (Download)Ahmed Yaseen Adnan , Hannan Mohammed Abdul and Mustaffa Kamal Iwan
Sloshing Analysis of Membrane Tank for Malaysia LNG Carrier (Download)Mazlan Muslim, Md Salim Kamil and Asmalina Mohamed Saat
Sloshing Impact Pressure in Prismatic Membrane Tank Ummul Ghafir Md Arif, Collin Howe-Hing Tang, Gavin Nai-Yeen Lai, Hooi-Siang Kang, Arifah Ali, Chee-Loon Siow, Kee-Quen Lee
Computer Simulation And Modeling In Engineering For Open Learning Environment – A Case Study On Application Of Rand Model Designer For Ship Manoeuvring Analysis (Downlaod)Md Salim Kamil, Kirill Velodosovich Rozhdestvensky, Vladimir Alexandrovich Ryzhov, Senichenkov Yuri Borisovich, Igor Novopashenny
Four Quadrant Wake and Thrust Deduction Fractions for Crash Stop Maneuvering (Download)Sunarsih, Mohd Zamani Ahmad, Adi Maimun Abdul Malik, Nasrudin Ismail


Computational Fluid Dynamics in Hydrodynamics

Assessment Of Drag Penalty Resulting From The Roughness Of Freshly Cleaned And Painted Ship-Hull Using Computational Fluid Dynamics (Download)Muhammad Luqman Hakim, Bagus Nugroho, Rey Cheng Chin, Teguh Putranto, I Ketut Suastika and I Ketut Aria Pria Utama
Numerical Prediction of Free-Surface Wave Around Surface Piercing Marine Rudder (Download)Md. Mashud Karim, Md. Habibur Rahman and Mohammad Salman Yasin
Validation Study of U-Oscillating Water Column Device Using CFD Simulation (Download)Muhammad Syazwan Bazli, Omar Yaakob and Kang Hooi Siang
CFD Analysis on Unsteady Yaw Motion of A Towed Ship In Calm Water (Download)Nur Adlina Aldin, Ahmad Fitriadhy, Nurul Aqilah Mansor, and Adi Maimun
CFD Analysis On Course Stabilty Of An Asymmetrical Bridle Towline Model Of A Towed Ship (Download)N. Aqilah Mansor, A.Fitriadhy, and N. Adlina Aldin, Adi Maimun

Ship Propulsion and Propeller

Wake Turbulence and Dimensional Length Changes Influence on Conventional Ship Based on Resistance Criteria (Download)Bagiyo Suwasono, Ali Munazid, G.A.P. Poundra and Sutiyo
An Investigation Into The Numerical Uncertainty Of Resistance Model Tanker 17.500 DWT (Download)D Purnamasari , I K A P Utama, I K Suastika
Automation of Savitsky’s Method for Power Calculation of High Speed Vessel and Generating Empirical Formula (Download)Md Towhidur Rahman, Nasim Zaman Piyas, Md Sadiqul Baree, Shahnewaz Ahmed
Development of A Plug-In in Grasshopper for Designing Ship Propeller in Rhinoceros (Download)Abul Kalam Faruk, and Dr. M Rafiqul Islam
Comparative Analysis of Diversity Hullform Influence on Resistance Assessment of a Pentamaran (Download)Yanuar, W Sulistyawati, and AS Pamitran

Ship Resistance

Prediction of The Propeller Performance Using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Approach (Download)N. AmiraAdam, A. Fitriadhy, CJ Quah, Tri Haryanto,Jaswar Koto
The Effect of Drag Resistance from Anti-Fouling Self-Adhesive Film to Ship Performance (Download)Siow Chee Loon, Khor Wei Han, Adi Maimun Bin Abdul Malik, Kang Hooi Siang
Dynamic Analysis of Offshore Triceratops Under Forces Due to Ice Crushing in Ultra-Deep Waters (Download)Srinivasan Chandrasekaran, Nagavinothini R
Drag Analysis of Three-Rudder Shaped like Bodies (Download)M.N.Azzeri, O.E. Hanis, Adi Maimun, F.A. Adnan, P.A. Wilson, M.Z.Md Zain
Numerical Prediction Of Fin Stabilizer Effect On The Resistance Of Semi-Swath At Different Water Depth (Download)Arifah Ali, Adi Maimun, Yasser M. Ahmed