The consultancy services and model experiments able to provide by MTC as in follow:

  • Resistance of a ship model against speed in calm water or in waves.
  • Test can be conducted in both deep and shallow water.
  • Thrust and torque against rotational speed of a propeller running behind (or in front) of a ship model while towed.
  • The towing force can be measured in calm waters or in waves.

  • Analysis of fluid flow; Measurement of fluid velocity in one direction at an arbitrary location around a model.
  • Behavior of ships in waves.
  • Measurement of motion characteristics at different forward speeds.

  • Waves forces acting on fixed and floating structures.
  • Behavior of structures during float out and installation.
  • Hydrodynamic reaction forces in drift tests or from oscillatory motions forced on the model.
  • Including inclining experiments
  • Stability curve
  • Stability assessment according to standard criteria.

Initial Design

New Design After Modified

  • Hull form design for a specific purpose
  • General Arrangement drawing