Towing Tank

The Basin have the following dimension:

Length 120 m (useful length 90 m)
Width 4 m
Water depth 2.5 m

Towing Carriage

The towing tank is equipped with a carriage running along rails which are located on top of the basin side walls. The maximum speed of the carriage is 5m/s. To achieve a minimum measuring time of 10 sec the carriage can accelerate at a maximum of 1m/s2.

The carriage is equipped with a test frame on which testing equipment can be attached. The test frame can be vertically moved for a maximum distance of 1 m by means of a synchronized electric drive at both ends.

Adjacent to the test frame a working platform is mounted. The height of the platform can be adjusted by means of an electric drive over a range of 30 cm. It is also possible to adjust the transverse position of this platform manually.

For safe operation the carriage is equipped with two additional braking systems consisting of a brake on a disc of each motor shaft and an air brake operating directly on each rail. Additional safety is obtained from the rail shoes which are clamped around the rails and finally from hydraulic buffer stops at the end of the rails. Several safety devices are present to prevent a collision of the test frame or the working platform with the wave absorbers or the basin wall near the trimming dock.

The automatic control of the carriage drive is such that always the total available free running length will be utilized. After the carriage has been started the moment of start braking is calculated dependent of the speed of the carriage is running. Then the carriage start braking automatically at the right spot.


Wave Generator

Consists of a hinged dry back type flap, hydraulically driven and computer controlled. The maximum wave height is 0.44 m for wave period of 1.7sec. The wave generator of the basin is capable in generating regular and irregular waves over a wave period range of 0.5 sec to 2.5 sec. The irregular waves, characterized by a Jonswap or a Pierson-Moskowitz spectrum can be generated up to a significant wave height of 0.25 m. It is also possible to generate irregular waves according to a wave spectrum of an arbitrary form.

Wave Absorber

Opposite to the wave generator, the basin is equipped with a wave absorber to prevent the wave energy from being reflected into the basin again. A trimming dock is located immediately behind the absorber.

*Trimming dock is a small water tank that used to do some final check on the ship model before the actual test is taking place.