About the Project

This project is an efforts to establish academic and research cooperation in Marine Technology between MTC, UTM and Technip. In this project, the collaboration is target to solve Vortex Induced Vibration (VIV) for Risers problem for Shell Berhad. This project is part of the Malikai Offshore Oil Well Project project undertaken by Shell as a partner in Petronas. The discussion to run the project was initially set up in February 2011 between Prof Dr Adi Maimun (UTM) and Dr Shankar Bhat from Shell and Dr Allan Magee (Technip).


After several discussions, the first VIV project was conducted in June 2011. Total fund of RM 360,000 was awarded to conduct the project collaborate between Technip and UTM. Shell as the customer in this project was supervised under Dr Shankar. The first phase of the VIV project was successfully carried out at the Marine Technology Center (MTC) at the end of December 2011. The project has provided many experience to MTC staff in handling laboratory tests related to offshore structures such as Riser.


After the success in phase one, Shell offered second phase of project with the value of RM1 million to MTC. The project is also run jointly with MTC with Technip. In this second phase, the experiments were conducted for VIV vertical riser and Vortex Induced Motion (VIM). Besides, the experiment also conducted to test the interaction between two floating structures there are Semi-submersible offshore structures and Tension Leg Platform (TLP). The project, which commenced in January 2013, is due to expire at the end of June 2013.

In recognition of the contribution of the Marine Technology Center, , Technip signed an MOU document to work with UTM on April 4, 2013. In addition, Shell also offered a scholarship to Marine program graduates from UTM pursuing postgraduate studies at UTM. This scholarship offer is for two students for duration of 5 years.